An inspiring 24hr wild adventure

Embark on a truly wild adventure with your tribe in Dartmoor, Snowdonia or The Peak District

"Hello Josh, Cormac and Ember. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for our 24 hours on the moor. I had a really very special experience. The cold water was the real gift to me from the 24: I've never done it before and was dismissive, but can see it becoming part of my life" - Ian



 On these adventures you'll be guided through 24hrs in the wilds of some of the UKs most magical wild places. 24hrs that foster connection with ourselves, each other, and with the natural world of which we are a part.

Getting out in the wild is good for the soul. As we move through the adventure we'll work with wild Water to refresh our spirit. We'll ground ourselves by connecting with Earth. We'll conjure Fire for warmth and inspiration. And we'll revel in the Air - we'll make space to just be, and we'll have a whole heap of fun along the way. 

This is a truly wild adventure - living outside for 24hrs! However survival school it is not. We're passionate about providing your basic needs (food, shelter, safety, love) in order that you as guests can truly immerse yourself in the joy of adventure

These adventures see us explore the more remote and hidden gems of each landscape, away from the crowds. The weather is it's own wild, so we plan and adapt our journey along the way to work with what is, in the safest and most magical way. This is a real adventure!




All Wild24 adventures feature:

  • Two inspiring leaders to facilitate and support your wild adventure

  • 24hrs immersed in the wild on an adventure through a remote wild landscape

  • Sleeping outside, (wild camping) either in bivi bags and tarps, or tents (provided by us)

  • Some of our magic to bring you closer to yourself, to each other and to the wild; yoga, mindfulness, journalling, wild swimming, fire ceremonies and more!

  • Self-sufficiency. We cook for you, but each person will carry what they need for 24hrs in the wild

  • 3 delicious, wholesome and nutritious meals (per person) provided by our providers, Firepot Food

  • Transport from + back to the closest train station so you can arrive and leave by train, without the stress of driving

  • A special journal and pencil for each person to record their adventure 

  • Minimum group size: 4 Maximum: 8

  • Flexible availability to suit you (April - October)

  • We'll work with you to understand your groups support requirements and your wild expectations

And some magic from our partners:

We're proud to work with some inspiring partners. The food we provide is vegan, home cooked, kiln (not freeze dried) and comes in compostable packaging. The journals we provide are made from up-cycled coffee cups and are made locally in Dartmoor. To write with we provide pencils made from recycled newspaper by a women's cooperative in India. Our morning coffee is sourced from a women's cooperative that supports women's empowerment initiatives around the world. You can find out more details on our providers here


If you've got any questions, please just shout. And/or check out below what others have said about their adventure with us. When you're ready have a look at each adventure below, and get in touch to book an adventure to inspire your tribe!