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During Lockdown in the UK our founders Cormac + Josh began a podcast intelligently named The Living Project. You can find it on Apple, Spotify, and most other podcast platforms. Links and a little intro to each episode can be found below.

In it they interview ordinarily inspired people and explore their relationship with the Wild. It was a steep and fun learning curve for them, culminating in a UK wide road-trip to meet people in their Wild and dig into their lives a little. 

Moving forward we plan to host random podcasts now and then - and we'll keep you in the loop with up-coming episodes

Join us and be re-assured as you walk your own path


Be True. Live Wild 

season 2

02/10/2020 #13 in conversation with Wade Campbell

In this episode we're privileged to have an inspiring conversation with lifelong adventurer Wade Campbell, from his home in Colombo, Sri Lanka . 
Wade shares stories of early inspiration from the wild and the mentors he met growing up in Canada, as well as how a serendipitous swapping of a flight ticket led to a successful career in the Japanese music industry!

You can find out more about Borderlands and their work, and visit them when you're in Nepal or Sri Lanka here:

09/10/2020 #14 in conversation with Gina Andriani

In this episode we're privileged to be joined by the magical Gina Andriani from her home in Melbourne, Australia.
Gina speaks openly about her values in life, and shows courage to be vulnerable in discussing her recent mental health challenges, and her learnings from them during long periods of significant restriction in Australian lockdown.

This is a discussion that resonate's with a unique, yet universal experience of being human, and the impacts of international responses to the Covid-19 virus.
Gina shares with us the reality of joy and struggle existing in the same place and commitment to exploration and understanding, as well as her incredible capacity to love and support others on her journey.
Gina came to the wild in her 20s, and hearing her love of the connection she finds with others through the wild is inspiring, and a great reminder to us all to remember the value and importance of human connection.

Gina's on Insta @gindini212

16/10/2020 #15 in conversation with MEG VERBEEK

In this episode we have an inspirational and occasionally whimsically hilarious conversation with Meg Verbeek, a wild Canadian living in Melbourne, Australia
As with so many of our guests, our connection with Meg stems from our time working together at World Challenge, an organisation dedicated to global human connection and exploration of people and place.
Meg tells us about growing up in the mountains of Canada, living in the wild, before falling in love with the wild of Australia and setting about making it her home.
For the last ten years Meg has spent her life sharing her passion for exploration by planning and facilitating adventures for herself and others all over the world. Recently, due to Covid-19 that's had to stop and Meg shares her experience of acceptance and adaptation in this space. 

Meg's passionate about working with the wild to connect people with important issues including environmentalism, animal welfare, racism and women's equality. She also shares her flip-flop swing between spirituality and scientific realism.

Join us for an honest, open, real, hoot of a conversation with magical Meg.

Meg's on Insta @wanderfulmegs

23/10/2020 #16 in conversation with Chris Davies

In this episode we have an illuminating conversation with Chris Davies, an explorer of human limits through the mediums of bouldering and ultra running.
As with so many of our guests, our connection with Chris stems from our time working together at World Challenge, an organisation dedicated to global human connection and exploration of people and place.
Chris tells us a out his life in Wales, growing up wild, and making it his family home with his life partner Ellie and their three children.
When Chris was a teenager he left home and pursued his love of punk music. After realising he was yearning for a different kind of wild he immersed himself in bouldering, becoming one of the leading lights in the "welsh gold rush" of the late 90s and 2000s.

20 years later, after falling out of love with the politics and media expectations of modern bouldering Chris sought another passion that enabled him to commune with himself, alone in the wild. And so a relationship with ultra marathons, mountain ones was born.
In our conversation Chris tells us how his experience of pushing himself to explore his own limits both within himself and in relation to the wild, has built a profound respect for the wild, and for his own capacity to persist in the face of adversity. A valuable lesson for us all.

We hope you enjoy it x

Chris is on Insta @chrisdavies159

30/10/2020 #17 in conversation with JC

In this episode we have an enlightening conversation with Jonathan Campbell (known to all as JC), a life-long believer in the importance of real human connection with each other and the wild, from his home in Bangkok, Thailand.

As with so many of our guests, our connection with JC stems from our time working together at World Challenge, an organisation dedicated to global human connection and exploration of people and place.

JC tells us about the lessons learned going up on a farm in the Western Australian bush, lessons of living simply and with natures cycles in order to thrive, and he shares a powerful experience attending a pioneer camp in the USA and the increased awareness of the simply moments that exist when in the wild.

After a life committed to learning, simplifying and setting his own success criteria in order to maintain a sense of gratitude, reality and connection JC finds himself working as Director of Experiential Education at an international school where he feels a great responsibility to practise what he preaches in life, and encourage young people to remember that which makes us human. Connection, and living with the wild, not using it.

This is a magical conversation with beautiful learnings for us all.

We hope you enjoy it x

06/11/2020 #18 in conversation with Betta Hanson

In this episode we have a powerful and chilled conversation with Betta Hanson, a life-long outdoor educator living and working in Tacoma, Washington, USA.

As with so many of our guests, our connection with Betta stems from our time working together at World Challenge, an organisation dedicated to global human connection and exploration of people and place.

Betta tells us about her experience as a third culture child, being born in Rome, growing up in Brazil and finding herself now in the USA.

After a powerful wild experience as a self-professed awkward teenager in Brazil, Betta speaks of her connection with Mother Earth and her commitment to facilitating young people experiencing earth's ability to draw the you out of you. Dedicated to meeting people where they are Betta shares her passion for human connection and her journey with the wild.

This is a magical conversation with beautiful learnings for us all.

We hope you enjoy it x

13/11/2020 #19 in conversation with VIV + Jason Day

This episode is a first for us. Today we have a special conversation with a couple committed to living life with the wild.

Speaking to us from a cabin on the coast of Norway where they spend time every year working as caretakers for a rural cabin-hotel, Viv + Jason tell us about starting their life together on a narrow boat, executing their dream of leaving the corporate world, moving into a van to explore more mountains, and winding up starting their own guiding company in the French Alps,

Chatting with a couple, a team, we explore what the wild means to them each individually, and how they've built the life they lead now together to satisfy their joint dreams, as well their own. Viv speaks to us about the healing power of the mountains, and Jason shares the learnings the mountains have given him, importantly - persistence and focusing on exactly what is in front of you with a faith that by doing this the future will work itself out.

If you're in Morzine anytime and want to explore the mountains (in the snow or sun) look up Viv + Jason at DaysAway Adventures - two more passionate, warm and enthusiastic guides you could not hope to meet. 

Viv + Jason are on Insta @daysawayadventures

This was a fun chat.

We hope you enjoy it x

20/11/2020 #20 in conversation with Geoff Payne

Thanks for joining us again. Today we have an inspirational conversation with Geoff Payne. 

Geoff's spent his life connected with Air, not only through his love of gliding, but through his 50 year career working on land planning around the World. Geoff shares his learnings about our need to work with nature and re-connect with community values if we are to live a healthy future.

Speaking to us from his multi-generational home in Ealing, London, UK Geoff shares his wisdom, his journey, and a strength of independence that has seen him challenge the World Bank's approach to individualism and now, during lockdown write a book for the future based on his lifetime of experience with humans and the wild.

This conversation was a privilege to be involved in. You can find out more about Geoff and his work here: 

Enjoy this one x

27/11/2020 #21 in conversation with PETER COX

Hello and welcome to today's episode. Today we have an inspirational conversation with Peter Cox. 

Peter speaks to us from his home in South London. He tells us about growing up in East London, yet finding his sense of belonging and self in the mountains of Snowdonia as a teenager.

From this first experience Peter went onto achieve first winter ascents in the Karakorum and the Himalayas, and found. himself deeply moved by the power of the wild, and the communities he learned from along the way.

Swapping mountaineering for parenthood Peter has gone on to lead more than 50 youth development expeditions around the world, as well as live a family life committed to exploration of people and place all around the world.

Peter. tells us that his journey, and recent experience of Covid-19 (he spoke to us a day after his weekly plasma donation to the NHS) has instilled in him an awareness of the impermanence of life, and a commitment to the now.

This is a truly special conversation with a truly special, warm, generous and humble human x enjoy x

04/12/2020 #22 SEASON 2: in reflection

Today's episode is the last of season 2. And what a season it's been...

In today's show we reflect on the magic moments and key learnings we were gifted by our courageous guests throughout the season.

We also answer a couple of powerful questions posed by our listeners. The questions we answer are: What has been a game changer for you this year? and, How has you relationship with the wild changed/not changed over the last ten years? We loved exploring these questions together.

Finally we introduce our plans for season three which begins in January 2021, and some exciting events we've launched and are looking forward to  sharing.

Thank you for joining us on this season, we hope you've enjoyed it as much as we have. We look forward to connecting again in January x 

Loads of love, Us x

season 3

#23- 08/01/2021 in conversation with Cormac Davey

In today's show Josh hosts The Living Project's very own Cormac Davey. The resulting conversation shines a light on Cormac's colourful and not a little bit spiritual journey from his birth in Northern Ireland, to his home now at Basecamp in Swindon with his wife Carrie. (There were life stops along the way in Ecuador, Lesotho and Sri Lanka to name a few!)

Cormac opens up about significant difficulty he's faced in his life and how he made sense of those things and moved forwards, and he shares his own connection with the Wild - how he finds his water, earth, fire and air.

Cormac's passionate about the issue of equality (or more the lack of it) in the world and from his experience working in international development, and his own personal experience he shares insight into issues he's passionate about and seeking to contribute to now - namely; the climate crisis,  and more locally - private land ownership and the potential criminalisation of trespass.

Cormac's name in Gaelic means Raven - a symbol of wisdom and this conversation is an inspirational and brave opening up into Cormac's experience on his journey so far, where he finds himself now, and where he's looking. It's packed with wisdom that we hope will trigger thoughts, learnings and reflections within you. It's a magical testimony of the now for the Raven who is Cormac Davey.

Thank you for joining us - we hope you enjoy it, and would love to hear your thoughts. 

Loads of love, Us x

#24- 15/01/2021 in conversation with ADAM + LAURA

Adam and Laura are the couple that make up Yellow Matilda, an ever evolving story that started with a serious case of Adventure Ache and has lead them on a journey through van life, a spontaneous elopement, a 600 mile walk and most recently the prospect of living on a 31 ft sail boat.

Adam and Laura are a pair of self proclaimed ‘multi-potentialites’, Adam born in England despite the curious Canadian twang; a professional chef, expedition leader, collector of outdoor qualifications and newly qualified yoga teacher. Laura, born in Scotland, an artist and ‘recovering graphic designer’ and yoga teacher.

Our conversation with the Wild reveals two individuals who together have developed a deeper commitment to self realisation & overcoming limiting beliefs about themselves. Time spent on water navigating the currents of life have taught Adam that he can’t always plan and control life’s outcomes. The wild ocean is his teacher. Laura tells us that she desires more spontaneity and fun. She needs to see more sunsets and sunrises in her life. Unlocking her creativity and being the artist is her gift to fully claim. 

Together they have explored something called transcendental meditation which is a practice that helps them feel grounded. Their gift to us is that life should be lived more slowly and in connection with nature now, not later. They seek to be more compassionate and kind to others and the planet. Their new wild adventure on a sail boat with an electric engine, is both a great adventure, but also more time to listen, to journey within and to live sustainably with the elements

We hope you enjoy this insightful chat x 

You can find Adam + Laura here:


Insta + Facebook

@Jackpinetheory : Laura
Insta for Creative Practices, Yoga, Retreats

#25- 22/01/2021 in conversation with josh Bulpin

In today's show Cormac hosts The Living Project's very own Josh Bulpin. 

Josh currently lives on his Dutch barge, Chimp, and is presently moored somewhere on the Kennet + Avon Canal.  He is many things. An exceptional expedition leader, a  coach, chef, author and now Podcaster!  However, it's not the doing that defines him but rather the being. 

When it comes to the wild it's the mountains and ocean that really give him a sense of awe, and self. Josh is full of admiration for the conscious living of communities living in high places and talks passionately about the joys of what he calls peasant food, simple food made with love, and the magic of learning about communities through cooking, and food.    

Over the last year Josh’s water journey, mainly along the length of the Thames, has enabled him to slow down and connect with nature away from the urban chaos and what can sometimes be the franticness of life. He describes boat life as more conscious and focused on life’s more immediate and simple tasks, such as finding a daily mooring, collecting water and fire wood.  It’s very Zen!  

Josh is a keen surfer, and life on the water has helped cool his inner fire. It's allowed him to reflect in a safe and more compassionate way.  

Currently feeling the air, a renewed lightness has enabled him to engage playfully and with fun in what he describes as a passion project, to enable people to access the wild in a way that supports their wellbeing and mental health. This is of course The Living Project and we hear about his and its values.   

Above all Josh is a thoughtful, passionate, loving, and funny human being. He has bravely told his story as it is now, today.  

You can contact him @joshuabulpin and @itsthelivingproject

Listeners should be aware that in this episode we discuss suicidal thoughts and depression.

Thanks for joining us - we hope you enjoy it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Loads of love, Us x

#27- 05/02/2021 in conversation with Clare Osborn

In this episode we're joined by Clare Osborn, the human behind One Life, One Planet, One You.

Clare describes herself as a heart centred environmentalist, a sustainability and wellbeing coach, a speaker and a consultant.  One Life One Planet One You is based on her belief in the fact that our health and that of the planet are interconnected and this is at the core of everything she does.  She empowers the eco-curious and supports service based businesses to make sustainable changes and create a ripple effect of positive change.  Bringing ocean and nature connection into her work helps to reconnect people with their purpose so they can create even more impact.  Clare believes all change starts within but it's also vital to recognise that the inner work we do is not just for us.  Stepping into your personal power and not allowing fears and negative chat to take over clears space for us to look outward and to contribute.  By giving back we find our purpose, our true calling and with that, anything is possible.

A few gems from Clare's story today:


Go to the edge of your fear, explore it and the world opens up to you a little more, it’s never as scary as you might think.

Exploring the ocean enables us to explore what’s beneath our surface as well as understanding how who we are affects the environment of which we are a part.

Understanding your values, exploring them and committing to them is crucial to feeling a sense of calm and purpose in life.

Practising deep gratitude - going into the why behind the gratitude is hugely valuable in creating presence and enables us to pour from a fuller cup.

She leaves with a magic one liner of life learned wisdom - but we’ll leave that for her to tell you at the end.

You can find Clare here:

Insta: onelife.oneplanet.oneyou 

Facebook: onelife.oneplanet.oneyou

Twitter: 1LifePlanetYou

Thanks for joining us - we hope you enjoy it, and would love to hear your thoughts.

Loads of love, Us x

#28- 12/02/2021 in conversation with Sarah Lister

In this episode we're joined by Sarah Lister. Sarah’s a career coach, podcaster and trail runner living and working in the Peak District. The wild is her inspiration and her coaching is often done through walking, and her podcasts are almost always recorded outside. Sarah hasn’t always lived where she does, or how she does though.

Today Sarah shares her very human journey. She tells us that while living & working in London she felt unfulfilled. She posed herself a question: "if not this, then what?" She didn't have any immediate answers and felt lost. 

With the help of a life coach, she started to explore the question with curiosity. Drawing on past memories of growing up on a farm in Norfolk, and spending a lot of time outside, she slowly started to bring a sense of adventure back into her life. 

It started with a short local walk, extending into finding new places further afield.  One particular escape to the Peak District was hugely significant. Simply put she fell in love with the Edale valley and Kinder Scout and with the loving support of her family eventually relocated there. 

The positive impact she experiences from being outside, observing nature, and meeting passers by, has inspired her approach to working with others, which focuses on connection, playfulness, and simplicity.

Ultimately Sarah’s story tells us that change is not a linear process, you can’t just flick a switch. Change can can be messy, and it takes time.  In Sarah’s story it's clear that when she started being what she loved, life started to flow again and things she had to work at, like relationships, came naturally into her life. 

You can find Sarah at: 

and on Insta @about.the.adventure

Thanks for joining us - we hope it provides some thought, and some inspiration for you as you walk your path. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Loads of love, Us x

#29- 19/02/2021 in conversation with Jason Le Masurier

Our conversation today is with Jason Le Masurier who takes the time to chat to us from his home in Donegal on the wild west coast of Ireland.


It’s a miracle that we’re having this conversation at all. In 2007, Jason had a kite surfing accident, which resulted in a severe brain injury that has a 95% mortality rate.  His story of recovery is truly inspirational. 


In an instant his life and that of his family changed forever.  He says (metaphorically speaking) that he went from surfing the top of the wave of life to crashing down to the bottom.  


The Wild, particularly, water has been his passion & teacher throughout his journey.  He’s a self described adrenaline adventure seeker. Before his accident Jason’s professional life was flying. As an Engineer and academic, he worked in New Zealand where he taught Construction Management at Canterbury University. There he focussed on post-disaster reconstruction, which was particularly relevant following the Christchurch earthquake.  


As it turns out his logical mind, life saving surgery and the rock of his family - his wife Liz and his children - were the critical factors as he first responded and then they began their long road to recovery.


Jason went from a coma to walking down the aisle to marry Liz and, 5 years after leaving hospital he went back and asked the neurologist who told him he’d never walk again, to sponsor him in a triathlon!  He’s since gone on to run the Dublin Marathon too.


Today Jason seeks to use his crisis in a positive way, as a catalyst to come back stronger and give hope to individuals and organisations facing seemingly impossible challenges. There’s  wisdom in this story and relevance to us all in our current predicament.


You can find Jason, and explore him working with you and your people at 


And he's on Insta @jasonlemasurier 


Thanks for joining us - we hope it provides some thought, and some inspiration for you as you walk your path. We'd love to hear your thoughts.

Loads of love, US x 

#30- 26/02/2021 in conversation with Ali Hollest

Our guest today is Ali Hollest, father, husband, business owner and athlete.  


Ali’s a huge advocate for the outdoors, the wild and the power of reconnecting with nature.  


In this deep and honest conversation we find out more about Ali and his human journey. He tells us that while he didn’t thrive in academia at school or university, he has always been a keen sportsperson. Sport has been crucial in his journey. Ali says that his love of sport, mostly Triathlon and Ultra Running, has helped him manage his destructive, addictive behaviours, and proved vital in supporting his mental health.  


While not a linear journey he has slowly found his why, and right now his fire’s burning bright. Becoming a husband and father has also given him focus and a responsibility for others. 


Ali’s now very much on a journey to help and inspire both individuals and businesses to  become the very best versions of themselves.  

He does this through his Podcast - Evolve Pod, his triathlon coaching and his new business - The Evolve Wellbeing Group - check out the show notes for more details.


A key experience for Ali has been devising and doing an ultra run he's called the Snowdon Six Ways Challenge. Through his own efforts, and supported by a wider community, he’s succeeding in raising awareness and crucial funds to support Oxfordshire Mind. 

To connect with Ali you can find him at:

Insta @evolve_wellbeing_group + @snowdon6wayschallenge

LinkedIn @evolvewellbeinggroup

Facebook @Ali.hollest

Thanks for joining us - we hope it provides some thought, and some inspiration for you as you walk your path. We'd love to hear your thoughts.


Loads of love, Us x

season 4

#32- 28/05/2021 in conversation with ABBI Naylor

In this episode we’re joined by Abbi Naylor, and excitingly for us we recorded together, in real life, aboard Josh’s boat – The Chimp. We’ve been away for a while putting together a slightly different approach for season 4 which, as well as welcoming people onto the boat studio in the Wild, sees us travel the UK (in-line with government guidance) to visit people in their Wild and record the telling of their journey in person. We can’t wait to share it with you in the coming weeks.


So, to today’s conversation with Abbi. Who I hear you ask is Abbi?


Well firstly there’s the “doing”. Abbi’s an international expedition leader, an ultra-athlete and a mental health advocate to name but a few potential labels for this magical human.


And secondly, there’s the “being”, the stuff we’re really interested in. Abbi grew up in the wilds of Dartmoor which provided the foundations of the wild being part of her being and her pathway.  Abbi's journey has not always been the easiest path, but she has overcome obstacles with a vigour for life and a fundamental care for others and the natural world. She is equally happy taking people to the edge of their dreams through exciting adventures or curling up with a good book or furiously writing stories and poems. She is currently training hard for an ultramarathon and finding as much time as possible to connect with nature.


In our conversation today Abbi gives us a magical snapshot into her relationship with the Wild, and what it means to her both within and without. She shares some of her mental health journey and how the Wild has played and continues to play a significant role in that, as well as providing her with a platform to support others on their own human journey. We hear about epic endeavours – including completing 30 endurance challenges in her 30th year to raise money and awareness for mental health charity young minds – and we hear how the past 12 months has challenged Abbi to find presence in the Wild around her as the expedition world which had formed such a huge part of her life was put on hold indefinitely. 


A special conversation this one, with loads of goodness for us all to take away and think about on our own human journey. 

You can reach Abbi on Insta @abbi.naylor

#33- 04/06/2021 in conversation with James Briscall

Welcome to Episode 33 of The Living Project Podcast. Today we’re joined by James Briscall. While we’d have loved to record this episode in person, James lives in Wanaka, New Zealand which was a little out of our reach, so we recorded this one remotely. It’s a corker.


So who is James Briscall?


James lives and plays amongst the hills and lakes surrounding a small town in New Zealand. He’s usually found trailing far behind either his dog or his children while trying not to fall off his mountain bike or tumble down a ski trail. Professionally he’s passionate about supporting others in their transformation to reach their next level in life and business. There's a link below to find out more...


In today’s episode James shares a snapshot of his journey and the role the Wild has played. From his beginnings in the garden of England, Kent – to where he finds himself now in the Wilds of New Zealand. James describes the magic of what he describes as “average” adventures and the joy in not always seeking the “epic”. James also bravely shares with us his experience of an auto-immune disease, a condition which at times he blamed the Wild for causing. James tells us of his recovery, and the re-building of a connection with that which is natural through an introduction to Chinese medicine. James shares with us his love of sharing the Wild with his children, and a clear passion for the environment in which he lives. This wide-ranging conversation was a gift to be a part of.

For more on James check out:

#34- 11/06/2021 in conversation with Emma burrows

Welcome to Episode 34. Today we’re joined by the effervescent energy of Emma Burrows. We recorded this chat with Emma in her home, near Lake Vyrnwy in mid Wales, just after she’d taken us for a SUP and a Swim in the Wild she calls home.


So who is Emma?


Emma’s an international expedition leader. She’s also an outdoor facilitator working with vulnerable young people to build trust, resilience and a remembering of a natural child-like state.

She’s also a bastion of her local community, passionately committed to engaging those around her in the Wild she loves, and simply knows, is good for us as humans.


In this episode we hear just how much Emma loves being outside having adventures and embracing whatever mother nature throws at her.


She tells us that the wild can be her escapism, her energy boost, and the space that calms her and gives her clarity.


Emma speaks about the opportunity she had at a young age to become involved in paddlesports and how much she loved it! And about how this early love led her to begin her coaching journey, studying Adventure Tourism Management at university and working both winter and summer seasons raft guiding, instructing and finding jobs which would allow her to see more of the world.

Emma shares how her experience led her to working with vulnerable young people, working with the outdoors to build trust and re-connection and the evidence she sees of how vital this experience can be for those who don’t have access to the Wild as part of their every-day life.


Throughout our conversation today what shines brightly in Emma is her passion for empowering other people to get involved in the benefits of getting outside, and to have adventures, no matter how big or small.

Loved this chat round Emma's kitchen table - we're sure you will too.

#35- 18/06/2021 in conversation with Paul lewis

Welcome to Episode 35. Today we’re joined by mountaineering environmentalist Paul Lewis. We recorded this conversation in Dave the Wild bus, just after Paul took us for a little yomp in his local Wild – the Peak District National Park, specifically; stanage edge and Robin Hood’s caves.


Paul lives with his family in the Peak district where he runs his own outdoor business, Peak Mountaineering. An outdoor enthusiast and life-long adventurer, Paul’s been rock climbing since he was a teenager in the peaks and further afield. Unsurprisingly the climbing bug led him on a different journey of education and his graduation came when he achieved his Winter Mountaineering and Climbing Instructor Award, no mean feat! Paul’s a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Leading Practitioner of the Institute of Outdoor Learning. 


In this episode we hear that Paul, above all describes himself as a teacher and an educator and that wild places are his classroom. Both Josh & I have worked with Paul and can testify to his passion for supporting and mentoring other aspiring professionals, as well as young people and adults on their wild adventures. 


In our conversation with this special, thoughtful human we were inspired to hear about his crucial life learnings found in Wild places, his organisation of annual litter picks in the Peak District and his deep care and commitment to look after the environment that has given him so much.


We were honoured to share time and conversation with Paul up in the Peaks, enjoy the chat.

Find out more about Paul and Peak Mountaineering at the website above or on Insta @peakmountaineering

#36- 25/06/2021 in conversation with izzy de Santis

Welcome to Episode 36. Today we’re joined by horse whispering adventurist and mental health champion Izzy De Santis. We recorded this conversation in Izzy’s adventure filled attic, shortly after she guided us on a beautiful hike in her local Wild in county Durham.


So who is Izzy?


Izzy’s an international expedition leader, a former member of her local Mountain Rescue team, and a passionate veterinary nurse. As we discover in this chat, her real passion is horses. She grew up with them and they’re an integral part of her life and her being. In 2022 she plans to combine her passion for horses with her love of adventure and she takes part in the epic Mongol Derby.


In this episode we hear all about Izzy’s love of adventure, and she bravely shares with us her mental health journey. She’s open in sharing her biggest challenge; her struggle with her mental health and her reality that the wild and adventurous path she’s followed and continues to pursue, has been a key part of her recovery and it continues to sooth and nurture her.


In our conversation with this special, thoughtful human we were inspired to hear such truth, and are privileged to hear Izzy’s message for others. 


This conversation is an inspiring and brave gift to us all as we walk our own paths. Thanks Izzy.

Loads of love, Us x

#37- 09/07/2021 in conversation with brad booker

Welcome to Episode 37. Today we’re joined by Brad Booker; an educator from British Columbia, Canada. We recorded this conversation remotely between the Chimp, on a hectic sunny Thames, Basecamp Swindon & Dawson Creek Canada.
So who is Brad?

Brad's spent significant time facilitating outdoor youth education programs in remote wilderness, and has more recently transitioned to setting deeper roots with the wild on his family farm. He currently works as a high school vice principal. 

In this episode we find Brad in a reflective space in which he considers his evolving relationship with the wild, as he says, moving from guest to family member. 

It is important to note that our conversation starts with an acknowledgement of the very poignant news of that day, namely the finding of the buried bodies of 215 indigenous children on the site of a former residential school in Kamloops, Canada. Our love and thoughts are with everyone effected by this tragic news.

In our conversation today we were inspired to hear about Brad’s passion as an educator to foster a love of the wild with people, particularly young people. He says that this is critical to individual wellbeing and nature conservation.  He highlights that education is also the key to bringing healing and reconciliation between all people’s across Canada.  While this is a very Canadian story, it provides some insight for us all as we navigate our relationship with the wild within and without and our cultural context wherever we are.

We are honoured to share this special chat with Brad

Loads of love, Us x

season 1

18/6/2020 #1 We are The Living Project

 In this first Episode we explore the purpose of The Living Project and share some of our own stories to bring our project to life.



25/6/2020 #2 In conversation with Deb Cook

In this episode we have a magical conversation with Deb Cook, a life-long water woman and Mum to three small heroes living wild in Wales with her soulmate Bob and their dog Benny. The values she lives by and her approach to life are generous, loving and inextricably bound up with adventure, the wild, particularly water & rivers, and connecting with other humans. Find out more and enjoy her ordinarily inspired story.

You can follow the adventures of Deb on Instagram @debcookcwm


2/7/2020 #3 Water: Reflection + Limiting Beliefs

In this episode we begin our series of discussions focused on using the wild to explore our truth and write our own story of life. 

We knuckle down and focus on the power of reflection. Specifically reflecting on limiting beliefs, or as Roger Deakin would say “breaking free of the official version of things”. 


We’ll discuss our beliefs in the power of water to provide us with an opportunity for reflection, share some of our experience and introduce some powerful life coaching and personal leadership perspectives for you to use yourselves while walking your own path. 

9/7/2020 #4 In conversation with Sawang Thongdee

In this episode we're privileged to have a conversation verging on meditation with Sawang Thongdee in Thailand. Sawang's a habitual adventurer, usually on his bike, and one of the gentlest human souls we know.  Currently residing in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where he's working hard to establish a coffee venture called Nomad Coffee. His journey to where he is now is an interesting one. Born into a Thai christian family in a largely Buddhist culture spirituality is naturally just part of who he is, as is the science he has studied since childhood. The values he lives by and his approach to life are brave, loving, kind and inextricably bound up with the wild. A true Nomad and peaceful seeker, find out more and enjoy his ordinarily inspired story with us.

16/7/2020 #5 Earth: Values

In this episode we continue our series of discussions focused on using the wild to explore our truth and write our own story of life. 

We knuckle down and focus on the power of earth. Specifically, we dig deep into values in providing grounding in the earth element.


Values are our guiding principles, an internal compass by which we live our lives, shaping the kinds of experiences we seek and those we avoid. Values give us purpose. Without them we would lack a sense of meaning and perhaps lack motivation.  Our beliefs cluster around our values.  Consequently examining, changing or reprioritising values can have huge impact on our beliefs and consequently behaviour.  

23/7/2020 #6 In conversation with Rusty

In this Episode we're joined by our ordinarily inspired friend Chris Halsall. Affectionately known by all as Rusty.

Rusty's a life-long surfer currently living in LA with his wife and two step-kids. His journey so far is a fun one taking in quite a few stints living and working overseas, including owning coffee shops in the Philippines and personal training some big-hitters in London. Consistent In all this change and adventure has been his love of the ocean. The values he lives by and his approach to life are brave, loving and inextricably bound up with the wild. Find out more with us and enjoy Rusty's journey.

30/7/2020 #7 Fire: Intention + Action

In this episode we continue our series of discussions focused on using the wild to explore our truth and write our own story of life. 

We knuckle down and focus on the power of Fire. Specifically, we link the power of fire to intention and its power in creating action.


Intention is feeling based. It’s a commitment to our heart, letting go of the noise around it and using it to guide our mind. Intention propels action one step at a time. One foot in front of the other.  

13/8/2020 #9 Air: Breath + Affirmation

In this episode we continue our series of discussions focused on using the wild to explore our truth and write our own story of life. 

We knuckle down and focus on the power of air. Specifically, we dig deep into breath and affirmations.


We explore how the element of Air is understood through different cultural lenses and how developing an understanding of and personal connection to this wild element can allow us to step out of our inner selves (me) and connect with others from a place of confidence, truth, love & compassion. 


We’ll consider what we can do to develop a wild connection with Air through place, and actions (breath work and affirmation) and how we can create change both within ourselves and as a part of a global community.

20/8/2020 #10 In conversation with Alice Longstaff

In this Episode we're joined by our ordinarily inspired friend Alice Longstaff. To quote the song… Who the F is Alice you might ask? Well, keep listening to find out.

Alice lives with a commitment to fun. She’s a life-long adventurer currently living van-life in the UK providing valuable care and support to vulnerable people while being locked-down somewhere for the first time in her life since she was a child! Her journey to where she is now is a fun one taking in volunteering overseas, finding a second family in the USA, leading expeditions in exciting environments and creating an adventure page called Fuck-up-of-the-day to illustrate the reality of an adventurous life. The values she lives by are all about connection. With others and with the wild. Listen to find out more.

Alice Longstaff Insta @alices_world_adventures + @fuck_up_of_the_day 

27/8/2020 #11 In conversation with Jodie Burton

In this episode we're privileged to have a magical chat with the beautiful human, yogi and new Mum, Jodie. Chatting with us from her home by the sea in Torquay, Victoria, Australia, Jodie’s chat shares her life as an avid adventurer of people and place. Her journey as a magical yoga teacher, life with her partner Tom and baby daughter Mia, and finding the courage to launch her own project during the global pandemic - Kindred Journeys focused on Yoga and the Wild. While like all of us many of her plans have been changed by the Covid-19 situation at home and abroad, Jodie, as always, maintains a warmth, love and connection with others in a truly special way.


You can find her on Insta @travelyogadance_ and her new project Kindred Journeys @kindred.journeys

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