Questions people ask

We get asked some very cool questions. Below are what we've been asked so far with some answers that will hopefully resolve any questions you might have


We love a good question so if the info you need isn't in the answers below please give us a shout using the contact form below and we'll get back to you asap 

What do you mean by “Wild”?


When we say “Wild” we mean the Wild within (us) and the Wild without (the natural world). The definition we run with for the word Wild is: the Wild is the self-willed, the natural, and the unknown.


What are the outcomes of a powerful journey with the Wild?


When you sign up as an individual to a journey with the Wild we provide the opportunity, the questions, the safe group environment, the space to be heard and a whole heap of encouragement. What you get, and what you do with the magic of the journey is entirely yours to explore, understand and take forward. 


Our approach is based on exploring the Wild within and the Wild without to foster greater connection with our own truth, build compassion for the truth of others, and explore our role as guardians of our planet. These three key focuses empower individual journeys of wellbeing.


When we work with organised groups, whether that’s schools, organisations or specialist groups, we work with that group to establish their goals for the programme we build with them. These goals, when working with our philosophy lead to outcomes such as greater connection and compassion within groups, improved emotional competence, improved mental health and wellbeing (with some tools and techniques to continue healthy habits post-journey), a greater sense of purpose and a sense of excitement in the present, and for the future.


If you’re keen to explore us working with your group, please get in touch, we’d love to chat.


We’re pretty confident that all our journeys will leave you feeling refreshed, re-connected with yourself, others and the planet, and ready for whatever comes next.


Are your journeys both safe and fun?


We reckon all journeys in the Wild are fun. Getting into some refreshing Wild water releases a tonne of endorphins and will have you laughing out loud, and as we all know, the best chats happen around the fire. We’ve spent the last ten years facilitating wild adventure around the world and the journeys we create at The Living Project take all the best bits from our experience and share them with those who join us in the Wild


As for safety, Cormac + Josh are two qualified and experienced mountain leaders, first aiders and expedition leaders. Between us we also hold qualifications and training in counselling, coaching, mental health first aid, yoga, leadership + management, water safety and emergency response management. We’ve developed robust and compassionate risk assessment, risk management and emergency response procedures, and we continually engage in continuing professional development.

As a company we are licensed by the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority and hold comprehensive insurance with AIM (Activities Industry Mutual) with £2,000,000.00 public liability.

It is important to note however that engaging in adventurous activities does carry risk and we ask all participants over 18 years of age (for under 18's we ask for individual parent/guardian consent through a separate form) to read and agree to our Ts+Cs   at the time of booking.

You are welcome to request a copy of our insurance/ AALA license/ safeguarding young people/ risk assessments at anytime so please just give us a shout.


In terms of personal safety for you as your whole self we’re acutely aware that some people feel less able to access the Wild than others. We’re passionate about fostering inclusion, curiosity and learning both for ourselves and those who join us. We also know this is a big area of continuing development for us and we welcome any input you might have that can help us grow. For more information on our commitment to the equal value of all humans check out our commitment page.


Regarding Covid-19 we follow all government guidelines, practise safe social distancing, ask participants specific questions during the booking process, and do a Covid-19 check and briefing prior to beginning any Wild journey.


You talk about your journeys as therapeutic, I’m interested what you mean by this? 


There’s a huge amount of evidence that shows that time in the outdoors and wild activities are massively therapeutic. Surfing, mountaineering, climbing and pretty much every outdoor activity is growing in its use as therapy. There was a great article in The Professional Mountaineer (Spring 2021) about the therapeutic nature of adventurous activity – check it out!

We don't offer "therapy" in a traditional sense - we just know that the Wild is in itself, therapeutic. Which by the way - is awesome.

We as humans are an intrinsic part of the natural world, therefore when we strip away "stuff" and re-connect with it we are by default providing ourselves with a fundamental part of our human experience. You don’t have to be in need of therapy to find the Wild therapeutic. On our journeys we introduce how to be mindful of the environment you’re in, how to slow down and notice, we provide the space to be heard. We explore the power of fire, and the therapeutic nature of cold-water immersion and we enjoy living a Wild life. 


The Wild is our therapy, we’d love you to join us and remember it is yours too.


Will I learn about local nature (flora & fauna) and what I can do to help?


We’re passionate about connecting with how the Wild is, noticing what’s going on and how the magic happens. 


We focus on global approaches to connecting with the wild and consider our local responsibility. We believe in connecting with ourselves and asking questions of ourselves in our relationship with the Wild. We love noticing why/how/who things are in an environment – it’s part of our mindfulness approach – and this includes the impact of humankind on the environment. Cormac’s a bit of a whizz when it comes to Neolithic footprints left by our ancestors so there's always a bit of that on our journeys!

 Whilst we’ve taken the time to learn a little about local flora and fauna in the Wild places we explore, we’re not experts and we’re not in the business of providing wildlife courses. However you never know who might be in the group we’re journeying with, and if someone with us is a bit of Mikaela Strachan then it’d be amazing to learn more together.

Is it safe and environmentally sound to be having fires?


Fires are an environmental hazard if not done safely and consciously. We bring an off-the-ground fire pit, we bring our own sustainable wood with us and forage only for fallen wood should we need more. We do no harm and leave no trace.



I need a break from the urban noise - but don’t feel comfortable in the Wild?


The Wild can be daunting if it’s not our norm – it’s often communicated as some kind of scary place, however it’s definitely referred to by those with a connection with the Wild as Mother Earth for a reason. The Wild is however self-willed, so occasionally it’s a challenging place and we as humans have to adapt to the environment we find ourselves in. We understand this can be an uncomfortable prospect. By engaging with the Wild with us you’re doing it in a supportive way, we’ll be right there to guide you through the opportunity to get away from the noise and have a powerful Wild experience, as will others on the journey with us. If there’s anything specific you have concerns about please just get in touch, we’ll hear you and do our best to meet your needs and provide you with the experience you’re after.



I’ve had bouts of depression. Will reconnecting with the wild help me?


We can't guarantee anything, but from our own personal experience (which we’re happy to share with you if you want to talk about it), as well as a shit-ton of scientific evidence; connecting with the Wild and the experiences we go through on our journey’s is magic for our mental health and wellbeing.

Important to note here that we're not therapists. We have both completed Mental Health First Aid Training and between us have lived experience of significant mental health challenges, life as humans with all its ups and downs, and training in counselling, coaching and other areas of human relationships. We're passionate about the therapeutic nature of our Wild journeys, and welcome anyone and everyone to join us. We keep groups small in order to provide quality one-to-one time and compassionate group experience. We are able to provide information on support pathways should you want or need it.


Is 24 hours long enough to feel the power of the journey?


In short – YES, definitely. But if you're looking for a little longer immersed in the Wild, check out our Wild48, which as I'm sure you can tell from the name is 48hrs in the Wild.


We’re all about a coaching approach – we provide the questions, the space to be heard, and the opportunity for personal reflection. 24hrs being disconnected from your norm, and connected with yourself, the others and the Wild is an intense and powerful opportunity.


The rest is up to you. We love guiding opportunities to unlock whatever is stuck. The Wild in itself is self-willed and creative by design - we're passionate about reminding each other of our self-will and providing a space for your truth to come out.


Do you do follow-up coaching on a one-to-one basis?

If you find you connect with Cormac or Josh and would like to consider one-to-one personal coaching with them following your Wild journey we'd love to make that happen for you. Just chat with us at the end of the journey, or get in touch through our website and we'll look forward to working with you. Likewise, if you'd like to chat about some one-to-one coaching prior to your Wild journey then please get in touch.

When we work with groups and collaboratively design a programme for them, coaching both before and after a Wild journey is almost always part of the plan.

Why do I need to sleep in the wild? Can I sleep in a hotel or somewhere with more facilities?


On our Wild24 and Wild48 journeys we’re 100% committed to the value in sleeping out in the Wild. It’s a hugely powerful experience in disconnecting from our normal, grounding ourselves in connection with the Wild and immersing ourselves in a Wild environment.


Obviously you're free to book yourself into a nice hotel for the night before/following our journey so you can relax, process and celebrate in comfort!

We do work with groups on longer programmes that have some time based in residential accommodation, but included in all these programmes is a journey with the Wild that involves sleeping outside.


There are other experiences that mean you can explore the wild without sleeping out if that would be more accessible for you where you are right now, but that's not us.


Do you have women / men only journeys, as i’d be more comfortable in a single sex group?


We're almost ready to launch our Wild24 for women, by women journey so if that's something you'd like to hear more about register your interest using the contact form below, and we'll give you a shout when we launch with more details so you get first dibs. We're currently working on our Wild24 for men, by men and will be providing more info soon. If you'd like to talk with us about creating a bespoke journey for your group then please get in touch and we'll look forward to exploring how to make that happen for you.


Dartmoor doesn’t seem that Wild. It’s essentially human-made. Do you go to real Wild places? 


Our definition of the Wild is the self-willed, the natural and the unknown – both within and without. While Dartmoor has been heavily impacted by humans (and this is a great opportunity for discussion on our Wild journeys) trees continue to grow, rivers flow, birds sing and fly, and the weather acts as is its want. There’s a lot of Wild on Dartmoor. We also work among the magical mountains of Snowdonia National Park for our Wild48.


Wild camping sounds great, but I’m not sure about meditation?


Come give it a go! We love that simple mindful moments help us connect with the experience of being out in the Wild, with Wild camping and living Wild. Giving it a try on one of our Wild journeys is a great way to explore it and see if it might be for you – along with a whole heap of other cool things we introduce throughout the journey.

Do you do longer powerful journeys with the Wild?


We do facilitate longer journeys with the Wild for those that want more time, and/or for those looking to do something longer following their Wild24 experience. Check out our Wild48 in Snowdonia National Park for a longer immersion and if you'd like to chat with us about planning one of these, or an even longer Wild journey for your group please get in touch.

What food do you provide?


We’re passionate about creating compassion with ourselves, others and the planet. As such we’ve worked hard to find a food provider that shares our values. All meals on our Wild24s and Wild48s are provided by Firepot Food. Their plant-based recipes are magic, and their packaging is entirely compostable which we think is crucial. At the start of every Wild24/48 we give you your meal options, you choose which you’d like for dinner, breakfast and lunch, and we cook it for you so you can make the most of being in the Wild. On longer residential journeys we practise communal cooking to foster connection, and all food is vegetarian with vegan alternatives.


Is this another course full of instruction and information? How do you lead your experiences?


No. It’s not.

We’re passionate about a coaching experience that guides you through your own journey. We provide the questions, and the space to explore some cool opportunities (mindfulness, cold-water immersion, fire ceremony, coaching) but essentially you’re on your own journey, exploring the magic of the experience, owning what you get from it, and what you do with it.