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we believe that...

human and whole-planet health benefit from US being outside

adventures in wild places inspire us to re-connect with ourselves, each other, and the planet - life!

We use our passion and experience to curate wild adventures that inspire life

guided by our intention...

"BE true. LIVE WILD"

What does that mean?

what do you do?

We're passionate about the value to whole-planet health and wellbeing that comes from people getting outside, and challenging themselves through adventurous activity in inspiring places. Adventurous journeys are so much more than the frequently communicated sound-bite general outcomes like achieving the "epic", they're more than the simplistic language that suggests a journey is simply putting a tick in the life-goals box, and often describe the natural world as something to be conquered or blankly moved through with little time for genuine connection. Think Instagram photos from famous "locations" and disposable bbq burns and Stella cans left by "popular" sites of nature. We believe that for people to care about themselves, the environment and each other, we need to create connection - relationships of care and compassion, a sense of stewardship for all things natural - humans, creatures, land, oceans and plants.


We've created The Living Project from a belief that adventures in wild places really are about the journey, that taking the time to notice, to think, to explore and to revel in connection with ourselves, other humans and the environment is what life's all about.


It's magical for our holistic health and wellbeing - our own, other people's and the natural world of which we are a part. There's a whole heap of research and evidence, such as this from MIND which highlights the value of the stuff we're passionate about. And so we create adventures in beautiful wild places, and an adventure with us is one of moving slowly and immersing ourselves in remote wild environments. All our adventures whether 24hrs or 14 days, whether we sleep under the sky or in cosy local accommodation involve magical, inspiring and life-affirming people and techniques to foster conscious connection with ourselves, with each other and with the environment we are privileged to be exploring (some might call our approach coaching).

We reckon trying these simple practises enables us to listen to the real teacher on our journeys - the wild!

How do you do what you do?

All our adventures feature:


Inspiring leaders 

 We're lucky to work with a bunch of magical humans experienced in facilitating adventures in Wild places. Each has the skill and experience to facilitate safe experiences, as well as bring their passion into the mix such as foraging, coaching, yoga, bushcraft, mental health awareness, and mindfulness to name a few. All our adventures feature 2 leaders. This enables our guests to experience a broad spectrum of magic, as well as receive the support they want/need out in the wild. It also means our leaders aren’t exhausted working 24hrs a day on their own, and have enough energy to bring their whole-selves to your experience


Awe inducing landscapes 

Our adventures are in places we've spent time exploring ourselves. We explore secret hidden gems, away from the crowds that enable us to fully immerse in the magic of the wild. We embrace the value of challenge and we move slowly. We watch sunsets. We smile at canopies of stars



We bring together small groups of individuals with a desire to explore, to connect. Joining an adventure with us is an opportunity to meet like-minded people, share experience and create special connections. When we're in local accommodation we're passionate about cooking and sharing wholesome meals that foster openness, and create family

Local Legends

We collaborate with initiatives and humans passionate about something in their local space, such as wild food, re-wilding, and conservation

As for techniques, well, we don't always do all of these (sometimes the Wild is introducing it's own techniques like rain!) but here's some stuff we love introducing/practising on our Wild adventures:


Mindful connection with the wild helps us begin to form a relationship with the natural world around us; the sounds of the birds, the direction of the wind, how plants grow/adapt/can help us, what we can smell to name just a tiny few of the things we often miss when simply marching to achieve a goal. It gives us presence and provides time to step off the hamster wheel


We provide magic journals on all our adventures as we believe taking the time to write and or/draw when we're out in the wild helps us to connect to the experience. We don't pretend to know what your experience will feel like but we do know that sitting on a rock with an epic view can create some magic in your heart and in your mind

Fire Ceremony

All the best chats happen round the fire. Among the shadows inhibition fades and tongues loosen. Fire is always the heart of any wild adventure - providing warmth, security, light and a common place of meeting. Fire is also nature's alchemist and we love a good fire ceremony that gets involved with all that energy - burning things away and igniting new dreams. We can't say too much though - fire ceremonies are always top secret!

Wild Yoga 

Feet on the earth, breathing in fresh clean wild air and moving your body playfully, lovingly, creatively. No mat required, no experience required!

Cold Water Immersion

The gnarly name for Wild swimming, this is something we love and are huge promoters of when done safely. When it's safe and possible we'll coach you through breathwork (yep, that's another technique we use) to prepare you for the magic. There's a huge amount of science behind cold water immersion and we love the laughter it brings as a result of the endorphin dose! This technique brings sharp connection with ourselves, our capability as humans, and an inspiringly raw interaction with the wild teacher that is water


 We're not always out in clear blue skies and hot sun. We're in the wild, and spending time adventuring requires and fosters adaptability, resilience, humility, teamwork, compassion, and an open/growth mindset. Oh, and FUN!!!!! We're firm believers in the value of play

We love it and can't wait to share a journey with you x 


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