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supporting student  leadership

passionately supporting the leaders of tomorrow

Personal Leadership, Authentic Leadership, Responsible Leadership. Just some of the terms used to describe the intriguing, challenging and exciting human concept students are engaged in considering as they grow into who and how they want to be in the world. But what do they all mean? And how do we as human's go about them?

We're proud to offer two inspiring opportunities to support your students and school in this space; An engaging and interactive talk, and small group workshops. Both of which we work with you to tailor to your age group, focus needs, and desired outcomes.

Check out the below for more info.

" 10/10, Josh is Outstanding at building self awareness, self confidence and empathy"

(JR, TEACHER, Frankston HIGH SCHOOL 2024)

Our Co-Founder Josh has spent the last twenty years deliberately and occasionally accidentally studying and practising Leadership, both from a personal perspective and in Leading others. From an initial career in high-end property in central London Josh changed tack, and while leading more than 25 overseas expeditions in challenging environments for students and adults around the world, he's also spent time recruiting and training 100's of other Expedition Leaders, and in 2019 founded The Living Project with Cormac.


Josh's experience in Leading people in a broad spectrum of environments, from suit-filled offices to mountain tops, and through some "interesting" situations has created a unique insight into the world of Leadership, one he describes as a never ending journey of learning, and a remarkable ride. 


our offerings

Leadership talk

In this 40 minute interactive talk ideal for students in key stages 3 & 4, Josh engages participants in the human experience of leadership. This talk goes beyond tools and techniques and asks students to consider what Leadership feels like, to embrace the importance of personal leadership, and the simple fundamental core of great leadership... love.

Drawing on his extensive experience, on-going journey as Managing Director of The Living Project and the wisdom of others, Josh lovingly challenges the audience to relinquish the myth that Leadership is something some people have and some don't, and revel in the powerful value of loving those we lead (including ourselves).

If you've got a specific theme such as connection, communication or confidence, we love weaving your focuses throughout.

If this is something you and your school are interested in, please do get in touch. Because after all, tomorrow's world could benefit from a bit more love in leadership.

"People will forget what you said, they will forget what you did, but they will never forget how you made them feel " - Maya Angelou

Leadership workshop

Written by Josh and facilitated by one of our amazing team, our leadership workshops are designed for students but can also be tailored for teachers, and while based on an effective initial structure, are adaptable to your participant needs and desired outcomes. Perhaps you have a new cohort of year group leaders who could use some support in considering key personal leadership tools as they stretch into increased responsibility within the school? Perhaps you have new school captains/prefects who would benefit from some time to consider what effective leadership might look like in their new role?


Core themes:

* Personal Leadership

* Communication

* Action

* Empathy

* Compassion

If this is something you and your school are interested in speaking more with us about, please do get in touch. We'd love to work with you in this space.


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