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Founder + Managing Director


Hi, I'm Josh 

I love working with fellow humans, exploring ourselves and the world we're a part of. After 10 years facilitating personal growth for others (and myself) in wild places around the world, I joined forces with my best mate Cormac to create The Living Project in 2020. I love our shared  belief that journeys in wild places really are about conscious engagement with the nuances of each person's journey, and our desire to work with people committed to facilitating meaningful adventures for others. Adventures that are all about taking the time to notice, to think, to explore and to revel in connection with ourselves, other humans and the environment. This is living I reckon! Well that and great food (shared obviously). My Wild adventures so far haven't always been pretty, but they have been worthwhile, and I firmly believe that time in the wild is magic for our holistic health and wellbeing - our own, other people's and the natural world of which we are a part. Growing a business to share the magic we all love at The Living Project is a real privilege.



I love to cook for people, and I currently live on an old dutch barge when I'm in the UK. When I'm not you can usually find me trying to catch a wave, or up a mountain. Or doing the hokey-hokey.



Founder + Director of Adventures


Hi, I’m Cormac 


I've had the privilege of journeying across Himalayan peaks in Bhutan, looking into the throats of Indonesian volcanoes, swimming among hammer-head sharks in the Galapagos and immersing myself in the cultural and spiritual practices of the Indian Subcontinent.   


With strong Northern Irish roots and a love for nature inspired by the Mourne Mountains, I set off to explore the world. After graduating with a Masters degree in Urban Planning I lived and worked in Southern Africa, South America and Asia supporting humanitarian and development projects, which included a spell with the United Nations.   


Ten years ago, after a major life change, I shifted my focus to working with young people and adults in the outdoors. I’ve led many successful expeditions in the UK and around the planet. I've also written and facilitated a number of courses for leaders to develop their skills in facilitating a deeper understanding and connection with humans around the world. 


I'm dedicated to connecting others and myself with the wild. I believe this supports a deeper reflection and can bring each of us closer to our truth.   


I have a diploma in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I trained in India as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. I currently live at Basecamp in Swindon, with my wife Carrie, who's from Toronto, Canada.



Communications Director


Hi, I’m Emily.


I grew up by the sea and The South Downs in West Sussex, and am still never happier than when I'm in the sea, (or very close to it), or in the hills. Cross country running and horse-riding also played a big part of my life growing up, and family holidays were always camping (even now), so I was lucky enough to be in the elements a lot. 


It was only after living in London for a few years in my thirties, when I realised something was fundamentally missing. My soul-level connection to nature and the wild. 


After training to be a yoga teacher in 2016, I moved back to be by the sea and in the hills. Since then my appreciation for nature has deepened, as has my understanding of the huge healing and life affirming benefits being in nature can bring us. It can be as simple as listening to birdsong, walking bare feet on the grass or feeling the rain on your face. The quieter we get, the more we notice. 


There is so much we can learn from simply being in nature, and moving at nature’s pace a little more. Especially in a world which demands so much of our attention (and speed) through a 2D lens. I’m very grateful to continue to explore the joy and sense of connection that nature can bring us through The Living Project and share the belief that nature is the most simple way to bring us home to ourselves, each other and the beauty of this world. 


I’m currently living and travelling around the wild & wonderful UK in my very old camper van, wild swimming, writing, surfing, teaching yoga and walking my dog. 


Matt - Collaborator


Hi, I'm Matt


I love the great outdoors, in fact I've come to realise that I actually need the great outdoors in my life and I'm completely passionate about combining access to nature and wild places, with mental health awareness, connection and wellbeing.

I've been a qualified teacher for 17 years now, having worked in almost every sector of education; including alternative provision and outdoor education and I've seen first-hand, the direct benefits of nature and outdoor spaces when working with young people.


My love of sharing knowledge and connecting with people led me to my dream role as an overseas expedition leader, during which time I've been fortunate to work with some amazing young people and adults, in beautiful countries such as Malaysia and Tanzania.  I have also led numerous UK-based expeditions on both land and water, which led me to my true passion of stand-up paddleboarding in wild locations.

My own personal journey with the outdoors led me to pursue my licence to deliver Mental Health First Aid training, as an accredited instructor with MHFA England.  More recently, I have become an Adventure Guide with the Water Skills Academy (WSA), combining my expedition leadership experience with a new, exciting form of travel and the chance to see places from a whole new perspective.


I live in the Midlands with my wife, two children, Pickle the cat and Ludo the labrador.


Alice - Collaborator

Hi there, I'm Alice

I used to want to be the Prime Minister. Instead at 18 I packed my bags and moved to Nepal. It was here I realised the joy exploring and engaging with the world can bring and my career in empowering others through adventure was born.

I've been lucky enough to work with the Sámi people in the arctic circle, self-sufficiently trek for 4 weeks through the Everest region of the Himalayas and swim among bioluminescence in the Philippines. With a background in teaching survival skills to children and adults and personal adventures I went on to lead international expeditions, to places including Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sweden. ​

Oh, and I live in a beautiful van I converted myself, and am mad about wild swimming x 

 You can follow Alice's adventures @alices_world_adventures


Ember - Collaborator

Hello, I'm Ember,

I'm from a little country town in the Adelaide hills in South Australia. I grew up with a close relationship with the bush and the natural world around me.

After training in permaculture, and then completing my bachelors degree in Outdoor Environmental Education I went on to get into the expedition world. I'm lucky to have spent time with groups in the mountains of Nepal and trekking through the rainforests of Borneo since then. I've also enjoyed working with school groups exploring the Wild that Australia has to offer.

I'm currently exploring the UK by land and water, and am particularly enjoying developing my love of foraging and knowledge of the Wild in a new environment. I love my Yoga and am a passionate climber.