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the living bursary


We know how valuable time spent adventuring outdoors is for our wellbeing. We also know that the cost of accessing wild, adventurous activity can be prohibitive. In reality it is often those for whom financial challenges present a significant barrier (at that time in their life), that would benefit greatly from joining one of our inclusive, supportive and mindful adventures in the wild.


As one element of our response to the above, in 2023 we launched The Living Bursary, with the intention to be in a position to provide support in this space by spring 2024.  We're contributing 1% of all sales to this fund to support access for those who may feel excluded due to their current financial situation, and we’re also asking for voluntary contributions from those who would like to, and have the means to support others in accessing these vital opportunities. There’s no judgement if you don’t/can’t but if you can, and you want to, thank you.


The bursary will be open to anyone (from spring 2024 onwards); whether you're an adult, a family, or a student wanting to go on the adventure your school have booked with us - if you’re someone who’d like to access support to join one of our wild adventures please contact us (confidentially) on You will not be asked to justify yourself, and we’ll do all we can to support you getting out there with us in the wild. 


If you’re someone who would like to contribute to our bursary and support accessibility for others please either:


1: Answer yes to The Living Bursary request when booking your adventure and we’ll be in touch

2: Reach out to us (confidentially) directly on

3: Send whatever you can to the following details (you’re welcome to send an email too)


The Living Project

Sort Code: 04-03-70

Account Number: 93815653

Payment Reference: The Living Bursary



(The Living Bursary funds are held in their own unique account)


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