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Wild and precious life

"Doesn't everything die at last, and too soon?
Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life"?

Mary Oliver - This Summers day.

This was the attitude I approached the Thrive in the Wild adventure with.

Why not? Get out of your comfort zone.

What’s the worst that can happen?

I packed, packed again, and on the morning...packed again. I was feeling way out of my comfort zone. 8 hours in nature - no problem.

5 nights. Well....

I arrived. Head elsewhere, busy, still switching on, thinking too much, and there were the woods - ready to receive, hold and cushion me.

Sunrise, sunset - a natural rhythm set in.

Bird dawn chorus, not alarms, natural time passing, not meetings, work thoughts and expectations from others.





3 nights to settle into the held support of nature, the group and the support team before we started on our big journey. From the woods to the sea.

The views, the mindful steps we took from the woods, across the moor to the sea were unbelievable...

"Waking to see the first light on the moor as the clouds settled in the valley below is a view I’ll never forget."

"Drinking warm coffee as the world and Dartmoor woke up around us - ahead of out 23km walk for that day - the views made everything feel possible, humbled, and energised."

And later as we were on the final part, a sense of achievement kicking in at the awesomeness of it all, the sun burst out through the clouds to reveal the beautiful finish line.

"Heart in mouth, soul intact and a renewed sense of belonging."

What will you do in your wild and precious life?

I hope if you are able - you give yourself permission to enjoy an adventure with the living project.

Huge thanks to Shelly for joining us on our Spring Thrive in the wild adventure and for sharing your reflections of the journey.

We are running this adventure again in the Autumn (7th - 12th September).

You can find out more and book your place here:

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