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A thought on adventure, for the year ahead...

When we talk of mindful adventures at The Living Project it's important to remember the value that challenging experiences hold, as part of and not separate to, the warm and fuzzy stuff that we love, and supports us as humans on our journey.

At The Living Project we’re committed to providing slow, mindful and lovingly supported adventures - but this doesn’t mean the innate nature of adventurous activity doesn’t exist with us. It means that we're fully there with you for the journey.

There’s huge personal value to be found in undertaking a physically and mentally challenging adventure, and whether you’re an old hat with layers of skin in the game, or a first time adventurist the benefits hold true for us all.

Spending days carrying a bag, being self-sufficient, stripped back to the bare essentials of stuff and our rawest selves, in environments that provide us with humility and perspective stretches our comfort zone, and asks us some big questions. 

Adventures like these remind us of our place in the natural world, they connect us to our truth and the experience of our team mates like no other opportunity does. Adventures that involve challenge are ugly, and beautiful, and everything in between all at the same time. They foster a remembering, or a discovery of our capability as people - often far beyond the walls of safety we create around us in daily life.

Moments take on new meanings - the stop to appreciate a view intertwined with the effort to achieve it. The food at the end of the day fuelling our reflections around the fire (or camp stove). The turning inward to focus on one step at a time as the wind and rain invariably make their presence known. The comfort found in only controlling what you can - Nature will do the rest regardless of your presence. The courage found within. Magic strangers. The sense of gratitude for the journey.

So while we sprinkle the magic of yoga, journalling, mindfulness and a whole heap of love throughout our adventures, this is not as a replacement for the experiences described above - it is part of connecting us with them more wholly. Our adventures are deliberately curated. They have a conscious journey from beginning to end which requires skilled facilitation, a holding of the bigger picture with a trusting in the journey. Our remarkable Leaders coach each individual and the team as a whole with a commitment to safety, alongside learning each person, and a belief in everyone's limitless capability as humans. We're proud to work with some of the best wearers of both hats in the business.

At the beginning of each new year of The Living Project so far, I've indulged myself in a bit of guest feedback as fuel for the year's fire ahead. When I read this one from Jane, a guest with us on our Wild Pilgrim on Knoydart in 2023, it beautifully sums up what we're aiming for in the above, and inspires me, so thanks Jane x

"The Wild Pilgrim Adventure on Knoydart was magical. It was challenging in parts - but that lead to a real sense of accomplishment. It was very special being able to spend so much time outside in a beautiful, remote landscape and to share the experience with such a great bunch of people. The trip was brilliantly organised and flexible (so changes could be made to suit weather/group), and it really felt like a 'mindful/conscious' adventure. It's a brilliant mix of feeling free/wild and supported/guided too."

And here's my favourite bit: I love that we don’t know exactly what you’ll get from an adventure with us - but I do know it will be your own, your team’s and it will be something powerfully supportive of your human journey.

So, whether you're a school seeking to provide meaningful learning outside the classroom for your students, an adult seeking a supported adventure with like-minded souls - or a corporate team looking for a powerful opportunity to really connect and learn each other - we'd love to share an inspiring adventure with you in 2024! 

Catch you in the wild x

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