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An inspiring 24hr wild adventure


"DO IT! It’s an incredible way to submerse oneself in the elements, which naturally brings the stillness required for that deep dive into thought. A mere 24hours left me feeling incredibly calm, reflective and purposeful." (Annabel, WILD24 guest)

This is our ORIGINAL adventure!

On these adventures you'll be guided through 24 hours in one of the UK's most magical wild places. An experience that fosters connection with ourselves, each other, and with the natural world of which we are a part.

As we move through the adventure we'll work with water to refresh our spirit, we'll ground ourselves by connecting with earth, we'll conjure fire for warmth and inspiration, and we'll revel in the Air - making space to simply be.

This is a wild adventure - living outside for 24 hours - however, survival school it is not. We're passionate about providing your basic needs (food, shelter, safety, love) so that you can immerse yourself in the journey.

We keep groups small to maximise experience, and the adventures see us explore the more remote and hidden gems of each landscape, away from the crowds. As well as our open-to-all adventures, we also host Wild24s for specific groups too.


We have a series of Wild24's running from April to September 2023. Check out the dates below and see which one is right for you.  Oh and remember, the weather is it's own wild, so we plan and adapt our journey along the way to work with what is, in the safest and most magical way.