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Finding My Truth

Having always enjoyed spending time in the outdoors and having a keen interest in nature and the environment, I was drawn to the idea of a ‘wild’ weekend. However I have never done anything like this before; I’ve never been away on my own with other people I don’t know, and in recent years with having two young children, I never do anything just for myself.

Some force from within made me book it and I’ll be honest, I almost pulled out. I’m not hugely confident in social situations (so I thought), and I didn’t know what to expect. Am I ‘outdoorsy’ or knowledgeable enough? Plus the ‘mum’ guilt kicked in…

"All I can say is, it is the best thing I have ever done."

From the moment Emily collected me from my train, and I met a couple of the other guests, I felt instantly comfortable. These were my people! From that first night enjoying an amazing meal and evening around the campfire, to when we wild swam and climbed a mountain at sunrise together, our bond grew and grew.

To meet people who are like you, and recognise their strengths and qualities, enables you to see them in yourself. These women were all inspiring in their own way, and seeing their love and joy for the natural world, and care for each other, brought that out in me.

From somewhere within I began to glow in my own enthusiasm and strength for all of these things that I believe in and feel passionately about, and I have never felt more confident or at ease. I had always suppressed my natural side because I felt like it didn’t fit with modern society, but this is who I truly am!

Being a care giver to my family, I am constantly planning and thinking of others, watching the time and rushing around. For the first time since being a child, I experienced being nurtured and cared for by our leaders in a way that meant the world to me.

Our every need was thought of, whilst we also had the freedom to do whatever we wanted. We could really focus on being present at all times, living in the moment and enjoying every second. Not even knowing what the time was or worrying if we’d remembered everything.

Our entire requirements were met; from the delicious food to tea on tap (or camp stove), the support to overcome challenges, the magical setting and the cosy haven of the barn which really felt like home. I felt ‘held’ in the palm of the earth, and our amazing leaders.

The conversations flowed so easily all weekend, as we had a shared love for the natural world and swapped stories and knowledge. We could chat non stop, but also sit in comfortable silence on a hill side. We had fun foraging in hedgerows, listening to birdsong, embracing the ancient landscape and finding time to simply ‘be’. I have never felt more relaxed, yet so full of inspiration and energy.

The weekend has had an enormous impact on me; it has awoken what was there all along, but had somehow been buried beneath an uninspiring career path and a busy family life.

"I know now that I am one of the ‘wild women’, and this is something I need to grab with both hands and run with."

I am inspired to help others feel the way that this has made me feel, and share the power of the natural world and the strength of coming together and supporting each other. I have also made nine amazing friends.

I have already booked my next Living Project adventure! I am excited by what the future may hold, now that I have opened my eyes to who I really am, how I can feel, and what can be achieved with a deeper connection with nature and others.

The leaders were so intuitive and the words spoken about me on the last day, had a huge impact on how I see myself, and they will stay with me forever.

Love and gratitude always,

Tracy xx

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