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challenge, reflect, refresh

Below are a collection of readings, watchings and doings we've collected and continue to collect along our paths. We hope you enjoy them

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We love both these books by Rutger Bregman. Clearly, they're both pretty tattered in this photo!
Utopia for realists reflects on how society is currently structured and provides evidence for three simple, and proven ways that we could create a fairer, kinder and more connected world.
Human Kind reflects on how our society has been created from the belief that humans are intrinsically selfish, despite a huge amount of evidence that suggests otherwise. Bregman suggests kindness is our truth, and shows us how it has, despite societal structures created from the opposite belief, always been that way, and how we can and indeed must use kindness to re-structure the way we think, feel and act toward each other now and in the future.


We were both struck by this talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche when it was released. It's a powerful tool for all of us to reflect on our beliefs, and how we choose to see the world
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