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grounding, security, values

Below are a collection of readings, watchings and doings we've collected and continue to collect along our paths. We hope you enjoy them

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A wonderful read that describes our need to connect with the wild. It puts you there and makes you want to go find it


This is a beautiful message from the magical Maya Angelou about the value of doing right, how it satisfies the soul, and how it can empower us to make a better world

guided goodness

Mindfulness: Breath & Sound


Join us as Cormac guides Josh, and you the viewer, through a mindful moment on Dartmoor. This mindfulness practise focuses on breath and sound and when practised out in the wild, like we do in this video, is a magical source of grounding and presence. Of earth. Moments like this are a huge part of our Wild24 and Wild Advance opportunities. They're a whole heap of earthy goodness. Where do you find your earth?

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