A powerful 48hr journey with the Wild
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Be True. Live Wild 

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On this unique journey with one of our co-founders; Josh, you'll be guided through 48 hrs living with the Wild in the stunning mountain landscape of Snowdonia National Park. We’ll explore some of the more remote, hidden gems of this magical land, as well as powerful opportunities to refresh, and reconnect; with ourselves, with others, and with the Wild.

The Wild supports our wellbeing and Mental Health, as do the practises you'll get involved with. We'll use Water to reflect on some powerful questions and refresh our spirit. We'll ground ourselves by mindfully connecting with the world around us. We'll work with Fire to set intentions and ignite our soul. And we'll explore Air through the journey, exploring the challenge, and having a whole heap of fun along the way. This is a small group experience designed to maximise experience and personal value, and each person gets 1:1 coaching time with Josh, a passionate mountain leader and coach who's spent the past decade working with the Wild to provide powerful personal development. You can read more about him here .We’ll be supported throughout the journey by Ember, who you can read more about here.

The journey sees us explore magical mountains, lush valleys, rivers and special places Josh has found through ten years of exploring and for a while, living in this special environment. Wild weather is self-willed so we plan and adapt our journey along the way to work in the safest and most magical way.


We'll be immersed in a human journey with the Wild for 48hrs (including sleeping on the ground) and you'll leave feeling refreshed, reconnected and ready for whatever comes next.

We're proud to work with some inspiring partners. The food we provide is vegan, home cooked, kiln (not freeze dried) and comes in compostable packaging. Our journals are made from up-cycled coffee cups and are made at an independent studio in Dartmoor. To write with we provide pencils made from recycled newspaper by a women's cooperative in India. Our morning coffee is sourced from a women's cooperative that supports women's empowerment initiatives around the world. You can find out more details on our providers here


There's more details on the journey itself below, just scroll down!

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After checking we're all set to go you'll be guided through a technique Josh learned from wild people living with their environment in the woods of Sweden. We'll land in the environment through engaging our senses and tune into the Wild


As we begin to make our way through the stunning landscapes of Snowdonia each of you will spend 1:1 time with Josh. This is an opportunity to connect with yourself and receive personal coaching inspired by the environment and your choice to embark on a Wild journey. Each person will get three 1:1 sessions throughout the journey


We take the time to stop and ask ourselves some powerful questions. We'll have the time to journal answers, be heard, and kindly and powerfully challenge ourselves


We'll make camp by two hidden little llyn’s (lakes) and take time to experience the joy of simply living in connection with our environment


After building fire and eating together we'll engage with the heart of living wild, the fire, and work with it to consider our journey so far. We'll use fire to burn away something old, letting it go. We’ll sit and be human – and let the fire work its magic of loosening tongues – all the best chats happen round the fire! 

(we work with fire in a responsible way – please see our faq’s for more details).


After a night spent sleeping under the stars we'll begin day two working with Wild water to wake ourselves up through cold water immersion


Before leaving our Wild home we'll share some mindful re-connection with our environment, some journaling, and we’ll begin to consider some intentions that will frame the rest of the journey. We’ll also enjoy a tasty breakfast


As we continue our journey each person will once again spend time with Josh to continue your coaching journey with the Wild. This 1:1 time is entirely yours


We'll use the high places, the epic views and the clear air of a nearby summit to find peace, and build our connection with the Wild



Day two sees us journey through a variety of Wild landscapes and as we do we’ll notice and explore both the natural environment, and the impact of humans in this special place



We'll make camp on night two near some different water. Once again we’ll take the time to notice, and live simply in connection with the Wild



After building a fire and eating together we'll engage again with the heart of living wild, the fire, and work with it to consider our journey so far. Only this time we’ll work with fire to ignite some new dreams, and set light to our intentions



After our second night spent sleeping under the stars we'll begin day two as you wish. You might choose to immerse yourself in cold water again, you might choose some quiet time to yourself in the sounds of the Wild


By now we’ll be truly mindfully connected with our environment, and before we leave our Wild home this morning, we’ll take the time to consider gratitude, and how our Wild journey has inspired us. We’ll also enjoy a tasty breakfast



As we move toward the end of our journey each person will for the final time spend time with Josh to conclude your coaching journey with the Wild. This 1:1 time is entirely yours



As we come to the end of our 48hrs with the Wild we'll take the time to stop and share our experience through a powerful group exercise



6 healthy and wholesome vegan meals /per person (Dinner x 2, Breakfast x 2, Lunch x 2). We use Firepot Food whose packaging is compostable

Snacks + Hot drinks from some pretty inspirational providers

'Outside Lies Magic' up-cycled journal + pencil (each) made from recycled newspaper by women's cooperative in India

Borrowed use of bivouac bag (each) for sleeping (we don't use tents, we sleep looking up at the stars!)

All group/emergency kit 


Personal kit (you don't need a tent or food - we've got those bits covered!). We provide a simple kit list of all each person will need

Drinks (we provide water purification stuff so we can collect water on the go)

Transport to + from start location (we can help you out with this, we'll chat costs with you if it's something you'd like us to ;look into for your group)



We begin our journey in the Nant Gwynant Valley. The most convenient train station is Betwys-y-Coed. Alternatively the start point is somewhere you can leave your vehicle with ours while we're out in the Wild

For more details, check out the faq below, or give us a shout