for women, by women
A powerful 24hr Journey with the Wild

Incredible all female journey with the Wild  

Led by the magical Alice, this powerful 24hr journey sees a small bunch of women embark on an immersive adventure to connect with yourself, each other and the Wild

join us on a powerful journey through



challenge, reflect, refresh


grounding, security, values


intention, ignition, passion


 confidence, connection, play

   Be True. Live Wild 

On this brand new journey with Alice, you'll be guided through 24hrs living with the Wild, exploring powerful questions for the Wild within, and getting immersed in the Wild without

We'll immerse in Wild Water to refresh our spirit and sooth our soul. We'll ground ourselves by connecting with Earth and living Wild in the woods. We'll work with Fire to burn away the old, and ignite the new. And we'll explore Air through the journey, exploring the challenge, and having a whole heap of fun along the way.

We explore a journey on high tors and moorland, before descending into an ancient wood. Here we'll make our home. We'll learn how to conjure fire, and how to work with it's alchemy, physically and metaphorically. We'll share some mindful moments, and practise some empowering Wild living skills associated with both fire and water.

We'll eat together in our woodland home, share stories of sisterhood around the fire and sleep on the forest floor.

In the morning we'll wake up in Wild water before hiking up high to reflect on the journey.

You'll leave feeling refreshed, reconnected and ready for whatever comes next

We're proud to work with some inspiring partners. The food we provide is vegan, home cooked, kiln (not freeze dried) and comes in compostable packaging. Our journals are made from up-cycled coffee cups and are made locally in Dartmoor. To write with we provide pencils made from recycled newspaper by a women's cooperative in India. Our morning coffee is sourced from a women's cooperative that supports women's empowerment initiatives around the world. You can find out more details on our providers here

There's more details on the journey itself below, just scroll down!



PS: IF ANY WILD 24 is cancelled due to covid-19 you will receive a full refund
Please check our Ts+Cs for our approach to cancellations due to weather etc. 




After checking we're all set to go you'll be guided through a small welcome ceremony that will ground you where you are, and ignite the dream of what is to come


As we make our way through the stunning landscapes of Dartmoor we'll connect with and get to know our band of sisters and explore our reasons for the journey we're on


We take the time to stop and ask ourselves some powerful questions. We'll have the time to journal answers, be heard, and kindly and powerfully challenge ourselves


We'll make camp in the woods and take time to experience the joy of simply living in connection with our environment. we'll collect and treat water for drinking, we'll make a home


Fire is the ultimate Wild energy. we'll practise natural fire lighting, learn new skills and ignite the Wild within


After dinner, a Wild meditation and some stories of sisterhood round the fire we'll sleep under the stars


We'll begin day two working with the Wild water to wake ourselves up through cold water immersion, followed swiftly by a hearty wholesome breakfast


As we journey out of the woods and up onto the high moor we'll take a moment to offer gratitude to our woodland home, and to ourselves


As we come to the end of our 24hrs with the Wild we'll take the time to reflect on our experience through a powerful final ceremony



3 healthy and wholesome vegan meals (Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch). We use Firepot Food whose packaging is entirely compostable

Snacks + Hot drinks from some pretty inspiring providers

'Outside Lies Magic' up-cycled journal + pencil made from recycled newspaper by a women's cooperative in India

Borrowed use of bivouac bag for sleeping (we don't sleep in tents - we sleep looking up at the stars)

All group/emergency kit 


Personal kit (you don't need a tent, or food - we've got those bits covered!). We'll send you a kit list once you're booked

Drinks (we provide water purification stuff so we can collect water on the go)

Transport to + from start location


Did you know Exeter is only 2hrs by train from Paddington! 

 The most convenient train station is Exeter. We can pick up from here (no later than 12:00 on day of event). Alternatively the start point is somewhere you can leave your vehicle with ours while we're out in the Wild

Journey begins at 14:00 on day 1 and ends at 14:00 on day 2

For more details, check out the faq below, or give us a shout

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