Getting Wild in 2021 - a reflection on creation

Updated: Feb 10

Cormac and I have enjoyed a much-needed break to reflect on our experience of creating what we now understand to be a passion project throughout the bat-shit year that was 2020.

We’ve done some soul searching and come to some realisations that have helped us healthily plan for how we want to move forward in our next steps. This time for reflection and creating awareness within our journey is a crucial part of what The Living Project’s all about, what we seek to be a part of, so it’s been important to do it ourselves.

As a result we’ve re-assessed our approach. We acknowledge that in the vulnerable space of creation we’ve been a little needy. We asked for a lot of support, we fretted about numbers and growth, muddling our values with a desire to be economically viable as quickly as possible. This didn’t sit right with either of us and led us to take some time to remember our why and consider how we can move forwards in a way that satisfies our soul, and enables us to be the service we believe in.

We’ve made some pretty significant changes. These shifts might mean it takes us longer to “make money” but we’re both committed to the value in what we provide and this passion has to come first for us. We’ve canned our Patreon support page and we’re focusing now on developing our podcast to go deep into the human experience, alongside providing coaching events in the Wild. We seek to be of service and we’re passionate about being accessible to all. By following our values we are confident that organic growth will develop healthily and increase our opportunity to engage more people in our philosophy; Be True. Live Wild. We believe in what we’re doing and love that we are always growing, changing, and adapting.

With this in mind we’re going to do “business” a little differently. 2020 was a year of trauma and transition for so many people. We believe the wild is our greatest healer, our greatest opportunity to re-connect and re-fresh. For all the reasons above we’ve decided to make our Wild 24s available on a donation payment basis. We believe in their powerful value, we love doing them and we’re putting this first, before profit. And it feels great.

So thank you so far for your support, it means a lot. We look forward to getting out in the Wild with you, listening to inspiring guests on our podcast with you, and sharing some powerful journeys with the Wild.

We'd love you to join us in the Wild in 2021. Have a look at our Wild 24's, sign-up, make a donation that you feel comfortable with and we look forward to seeing you there.

Josh Bulpin - somewhere afloat - January 2021

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