become a patron

We provide access to all our on-line material for free, regardless of level of financial contribution. 


We're asking for contributions to support our work and have set the minimum at £1. We'd love you to contribute a regular amount you're comfortable with to help us to grow The Living Project community and help us with our commitment to working for social good.


We have two tiers of Patronage:


1: JOIN THE JOURNEY (minimum contribution £1 per month)


As well as our on-line goodness, as a JOIN THE JOURNEY patron you'll also get a heap of other benefits:

  • A patron only monthly on-line live event with Cormac, Josh and special guests. 

  •  We'll let you know first when we launch our Wild 24 dates, and we'll give you early bird discounts!

  • A monthly live-stream from us here at The Living Project

  • Any patron contributing £10 per month or more will receive their choice of a bit of merch. We've got ethically sourced, organic trucker caps, and similarly planet-kind t-shirts. You can check them out on our merch page and once you've signed up we'll be in touch to get your choices and send it out to you.

  • Any patron contributing £20 per month or more gets 1 complimentary place on a WILD 24 journey with the wild. Details of these powerful journeys with the Wild are here.

2: YOUR LIVING PROJECT (£30 per month)

This tier is for those wishing to engage in a Living Project for themselves.

YOUR LIVING PROJECT patrons are investing in our approach, and have access to all the benefits of JOIN THE JOURNEY patrons, however this tier is all about immersion. About committing to a journey for you.

By signing up for Your Living Project you will receive:

  • 1 piece of The Living Project Merch of your choice (Hats and Ts featured on our website)

  • 3 personal 1-1 coaching sessions (in person or in the wild) with Cormac or Josh (your choice)

  • 1 place on our Wild 24 – A powerful coaching journey with the Wild. We host a number of these throughout the year and you can pick one that suits you. We’ll build your coaching sessions around this experience in order to maximise the coaching journey you are undertaking. Details are available at here