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We're passionate about working with sustainable, creative, local providers of things they love

The meals we cook you out in the wild are provided by


Why? well here's what they say themselves...

"Firepot has been five years in the making. As adventurists trekking through Greenland, we wanted our hikes to be punctuated by slow-cooked, natural food that tasted delicious. We wanted a healthy, hearty meal that didn’t weigh us down or keep us waiting. And we couldn’t find it anywhere. 

So we made our own in a Dorset barn — delicious, nutritious, dehydrated slow-cooked meals inspired by our travels. We’ve kept it lightweight and easy to use so it can be enjoyed from the heights of the Himalayas to the fjords of Chile. All you have to do is add water.

Our recipes have been developed over months of tweaking, experimenting with flavour combinations and trying out different ingredients to maximise nutrition, not just taste. We’ve taken each of our ingredients and worked out how to ensure it arrives in your bowl just as it would in your own kitchen — delicious, perfectly cooked, with its nutritional integrity"

+ their meals are available in compostable packaging - which we love, and their vegan menu is delicious

Find out more about them here: www.firepotfood.com

Our journals are provided by 

Studio in the STICKS

Here's some words from them...

"We love the outdoors and with that comes a respect and responsibility for the environment. We have solar power, re-use all our paper and where possible use environmentally conscious printing methods. We generally run the place with as little impact as we can.

Currently there are 2 dogs, a number of sheep, chickens and 3 horses living here. We’re working on our veg patch year after year, learning all the time."

We love that they're based locally, in a barn on Dartmoor where we run our Wild24 events, and that our beautiful journals are made from up-cycled coffee cups and feature magical quotes about the Wild.

Find out more about them here: www.studiointhesticks.com

Our coffee is provided by 


Here's some words from them...

"Girls Who Grind Coffee is an all-female specialty coffee roastery owned and run by us, Fi O'Brien and Casey LaLonde.

While our kids played, we often got chatting about our love of coffee and our various experiences within the industry, discovering that we both felt as though there was definitely room for change and improvement, in short - we wanted to see more equality!  

As women, we had felt a little pushed out of an industry that we had loved so much and had so much to give to.  Rather than simply complain about it, we thought we would make the change we wanted to see!  We wanted to create an industry where women felt empowered and celebrated for everything they bring to the table and have their voices heard. Hence why we made the conscious decision to focus solely on buying coffee from female producers, sharing their stories to the world, giving them the recognition they rightly deserve for the incredible work that they do."

We love GWGC's approach, and their initiative that puts 10% of the sale price of all their retail bags of roasted coffees back into the pockets of their producers. Magic

You can find out more about them, and grab some divine coffee done good here: www.girlswhogrindcoffee.com