Hi, I'm Josh Bulpin


I love working with fellow humans, exploring ourselves and the world we're a part of. I've been leading expeditions and personal development in wild places around the world since 2011. During that time I've seen a huge increase in the reduction of adventure to simply achieving the "epic", putting a tick in the box, often seeing the natural world as something to be conquered or blankly moved through with little genuine connection. I joined forces with my best mate Cormac to create The Living Project from a belief that journeys in wild places really are about the journey, that taking the time to notice, to think, to explore and to revel in connection with ourselves, other humans and the environment is what life's all about. It's  magical for our holistic health and wellbeing - our own, other people's and the natural world of which we are a part.

I currently live on a barge when I'm in the UK. When I'm not you can usually find me trying to catch a wave, or up a mountain. Or doing the hokey-hokey.​


Hi, I’m Cormac Davey


I've had the privilege of journeying across Himalayan peaks in Bhutan, looking into the throats of Indonesian volcanoes, swimming among hammer-head sharks in the Galapagos and immersing myself in the cultural and spiritual practices of the Indian Subcontinent.   


With strong Northern Irish roots and a love for nature inspired by the Mourne Mountains, I set off to explore the world. After graduating with a Masters degree in Urban Planning I lived and worked in Southern Africa, South America and Asia supporting humanitarian and development projects, which included a spell with the United Nations.   


Ten years ago, after a major life change, I shifted my focus to working with young people and adults in the outdoors. I’ve led many successful expeditions in the UK and around the planet. I've also written and facilitated a number of courses for leaders to develop their skills in facilitating a deeper understanding and connection with humans around the world. 


I'm dedicated to connecting others and myself with the wild. I believe this supports a deeper reflection and can bring each of us closer to our truth.   


I have a diploma in Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and I trained in India as a Kundalini Yoga Instructor. I currently live at Basecamp in Swindon, with my wife Carrie, who's from Toronto, Canada.