our collaborators

We're passionate about collaborating with humans who bring their own magic to our powerful journeys with the Wild

Here's a little about the people we're fortunate enough to work with, and that make us tick

Be True. Live Wild.


Hello, I'm Ember,

I'm from a little country town in the Adelaide hills in South Australia. I grew up with a close relationship with the bush and the natural world around me.

After training in permaculture, and then completing my bachelors degree in Outdoor Environmental Education I went on to get into the expedition world. I'm lucky to have spent time with groups in the mountains of Nepal and trekking through the rainforests of Borneo since then. I've also enjoyed working with school groups exploring the Wild that Australia has to offer.

I'm currently exploring the UK by land and water, and am particularly enjoying developing my love of foraging and knowledge of the Wild in a new environment. I love my Yoga and am a passionate climber.

Ember's earthly connection with the world around her is a gift. We're delighted that while she's here in the UK she'll be joining us on our Wild journeys to provide support to Leaders and Participants alike.



Hi there, I'm Alice

I used to want to be the Prime Minister. Instead at 18 I packed my bags and moved to Nepal. It was here I realised the joy exploring and engaging with the world can bring and my career in empowering others through adventure was born.

I've been lucky enough to work with the Sámi people in the arctic circle, self-sufficiently trek for 4 weeks through the Everest region of the Himalayas and swim among bioluminescence in the Philippines. With a background in teaching survival skills to children and adults and personal adventures I went on to lead international expeditions, to places including Peru, Vietnam, Malaysia and Sweden. The most powerful experiences I've had personally, and for those around me have been working in all women teams and it's for this reason I'm super-proud to be collaborating with The Living Project on a Wild24 for women, by women. ​

I’ve learned through my years of adventure that despite the  challenges we face as women, it makes us no less capable of achieving things we never thought we could. It’s not just me inspiring the women on a journey but more importantly it’s the women creating a safe place to be inspired by each other in our truth. Sharing the female experience, and connection with Mother Earth creates something super special

Oh, and I live in a beautiful van I converted myself, and am mad about wild swimming x 

We love working with Alice and are super proud to be collaborating on an all female Wild24 for women by women. Keen? Check it out, and join the journey. You can follow Alice's adventures @alices_world_adventures