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men's wild adventure

JOIN A GROUP OF like-minded men 
in the wilds of Dartmoor National Park this summer.


a space for men to listen, connect and advance
20th - 22nd june 2023
why men only adventures?
"Humanity is facing a myriad of interconnected inner and outer challenges. We are all too familiar with the headlines around climate change, mental health and the endemic of chronic disease. Men are also questioning their role in society as traditional male identities and responsibilities are changing.


 Providing a safe space for men to come together to explore these themes and worlds is essential.


On this men’s only wild adventure we seek to create a circle for deep listening and sharing who we are, in relationship to others and the wider world. This will challenge us to become the man we want to be, that our loved ones deserve and that is needed to contribute to a better future for our planet."

Cormac, co-founder and men's wild adventure facilitator.
Cormac recently wrote a blog on the subject too, you can find a link to the full read below.
about the adventure

We'll be based in a rustic barn with foundations dating back to William the Conqueror. This is our warm and safe keep from which we strike out to explore the wilds of Dartmoor. 


On this unique adventure you will deepen an honest relationship with yourself, as a man, seeking to evolve in order to thrive in the modern world.  Together with other like minded and inspired men, we will create a circle for deep listening and sharing.

Throughout, nature (the wild) will awaken our teacher within and challenge us to become the men we want to be, that our loved ones deserve, and that are needed to contribute to a better future for our planet. 


This adventure is open to anyone who identifies as male.

men's WILD adventure INCLUDES:

  • Two male leaders (our co-founders, Cormac & Josh) with a passion and commitment to facilitating your wild adventure and holding space for supportive exploration

  • 48 hours immersed in the wild on an adventure through a remote wild landscape

  • Yoga/movement outside, breath-work, mindfulness, journalling, wild swimming

  • Two nights accommodation in a rustic barn (you'll need your own sleeping mat and sleeping bag)

  • Home cooked vegetarian / vegan meals (when we're not in the wild)

  • Wholesome vegan lunch in the wild provided by our providers, Firepot Food

  • Transport from + back to Exeter St David's train station so you can arrive and leave by train, without the stress of driving

  • A journal and pencil to record your adventure 

  • Like-minded men ready to reclaim their wild just like you

join us in the wild in 2023
Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
book nw

If you'd like the option to pay in 3 instalments drop us a line and we can set up a payment plan for you.

men's WILD adventure gallery
indicative itinerary


On Tuesday afternoon we will collect you from Exeter St Davids train station before journeying onward to our remote Dartmoor base camp. Once we arrive we will land with our new home and fellow travellers. There will be time to orient yourself to the rustic surroundings and get acquainted with your fellow guests and leaders. A hearty and healthy meal warmed by a large fire will help create our community and set the scene for our wild adventure.   


A powerful morning practice will prepare our bodies and mind and open us up to honest communication. After breakfast we will prepare to head into the wild. As we make our way through the stunning landscapes of Dartmoor we take the time to stop and notice where we are. We'll have the time to reflect, and to share our experience as men in the world. There will be time for Journaling, a powerful practice we will encourage. 


We'll camp in the wild, weather permitting (base camp is a bad weather alternative), and take time to experience the joy of simply living in connection with our environment. This is often a challenge if you haven't done it before, but it's a magical one - and we'll be with you every step of the way.


After we cook for you, we'll engage with the heart of living wild, the fire, and we'll work with its powerful alchemy to inspire us. All the best chats happen round the fire! Before bed under the ancient oak trees and stars we will acknowledge what we are grateful for. 

GROUND & REFRESH: After a night spent sleeping under the stars we'll hydrate and begin with some powerful breath work and stretching. We'll work with the wild fresh water to wake up our mental and physical awareness through a powerful but safe cold water immersion experience.


After packing up our wild camp we will, after ensuring we leave no trace, head quietly out onto the moor. We'll use the rock of Dartmoor, either a stone circle or a high Tor top to guide you through a mindful moment with the Wild. We will arrive back at our base camp on Thursday afternoon in time for lunch.


As we come to the end of our adventure we'll take the time to stop and give thanks for our experience. We will offer you the opportunity to keep in contact with your new community as we all continue our inner and outer wild work back at home, with our families and workplaces.

​And some magic from our partners:

We're proud to work with some inspiring partners. The camp food we provide is vegan, home cooked, kiln (not freeze dried) and comes in compostable packaging. Every adventurer receives a magic journal and pencil from Wilder. Our morning coffee is sourced from a women's cooperative that supports women's empowerment initiatives around the world. You can find out more details on our providers here


If you've got any questions, please just shout. And/or, check out what others have said about their adventure with us.


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